Seafood Delight: 6 Most Delicious Dishes to Try in NSW

Newcastle is one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in Australia. It has some of the best adventurous spots, landscapes, wildlife sanctuaries, picnic spots, lush-green gardens, and much more. It is also a haven for food enthusiasts. You can find various restaurants and cafes offering vegan and vegetarian cuisine. The city also offers a plenty of eatery options to seafood lovers because of its geographical establishment. Newcastle is nestled on the coastline of NSW and has hundreds and thousands of seafood options You can travel the hidden gems of the city, click pictures, create memories and eat at the harbourside restaurant for an ultimate experience. Today, we are sharing six most delicious seafood dishes that you can easily try in Newcastle and other cities in NSW:

Kingfish Sashmi

This is one of the most popular seafood dishes in Newcastle. The kingfish is a saltwater fish found in tropical waters. It is best known for its mildly sweet and buttery flavour, and beautiful pinkish-red colour. It is a must-order recipe which is served with ponzu sauce and lemon juice.

Moreton Bay Bug Curry

Another delicious seafood dish is Moreton Bay Bug Curry that is rich in flavours. It is the succulent Moreton Bay bug, which is a relative of the lobster. It is cooked in coconut curry sauced and other fragrant and mild spices are added to elevate the taste. You can find the best restaurant that serves the most authentic seafood to enhance your dining experience in Newcastle.

Grilled Barramundi

The grilled barramundi with lemon myrtle butter is the most selling dish across Australia. The preparation of this recipe is quite unique and offers fresh and local taste. The mild flavour of fish marinated and cooked with lemon and butter sauce gives a refreshing taste and takes your experience to the next level.

Salt and Pepper Squid

Though it is the traditional dish from Japan, you can easily get in fine-dining restaurants of Newcastle. It has the strong, salty and umami taste which a sticky texture and rich flavours. It is good to pair it with chilli mayo and balance the saltiness. Make sure you visit the best restaurant which adheres to seafood safety while preparing meals for customers, especially during summers.

Seared Scallops

The city is best known for serving seared scallops with beans and steamed vegetables. It is a must-have seafood dish that can take your taste buds to the next level. You can eat this dish with smoky chorizo and sweet beans.

Lobster Thermindor

Do you want to experience luxurious seafood in Newcastle? Do not forget to try out a whole lobster which is filled with super creamy and cheesy thermindor sauce. This brown baked recipe is fresh and rich in taste. You can also taste other popular dishes in Newcastle if visiting for the first time.

Wrapping up

These are some of the most authentic seafood dishes you must try out in Newcastle. There are many restaurants and fine dining setup in the city offering a huge spread of seafood cuisine.